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Rumored Nikon cameras roadmap

on April 17, 2019

Here is the rumored Nikon cameras roadmap for the next 12 months: 2 or 3 Nikon DX-format mirrorless cameras (2019) Nikon D750 successor (2019) Nikon D5 successor (2019-2020) 1 Nikon Coolpix camera 1 high-end (above Z6 and Z7) mirrorless camera scheduled for 2020 Nikon already has 5 registered new cameras ( there were only four new cameras back in January). The post Rumored Nikon cameras roadmap appeared first on Nikon Rumors . Related posts: Updated Nikon Z mirrorless lens roadmap (a total of 23 Z lenses by 2021) Updated list of registered but not yet announced Nikon cameras Nikon is rumored to announce five new Nikkor lenses in 2017

See the article here:
Rumored Nikon cameras roadmap

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